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The folder of secrets

She thrusts the envelope into his hand Business he so desperately wants to land Top Secret, in red ink and substantial type The answer’s inside, it better be right His throat runs dry, palms turn to sweat Time to celebrate, or a day to forget? Unpeeling a corner, mouth slightly unfurls Can’t quite believe it, he clutches his pearls Glimpse of the signature, glistening and fresh The deal is done, delivered in the flesh Unlike those others, who merely pressed send This winner selected, when he refused to blend Proposals gain gravitas, wrapped in a folder More persuasive in the eye of the beholder Great, he pondered, nibbling his lip with a chew Now, to learn all those things, he said he could do

Remember when you last asked for a quote from a business you wanted to buy from. They told you they would get back to you but they didn’t! 

As we all know, that happens quite often. To be fair, maybe they did email a quote but then we don’t ever hear from them again. You’re wondering, how much did they really want my business?

As business owners, we all spend money on advertising and marketing to generate enquiries. If we then don’t follow up on those enquiries, how do we expect them to turn into customers?

Imagine, what if that was your business taking the enquiry? Perhaps you reply to email enquiries in a few hours. Great. Then what? Chances are, the enquirer also got quotes from your competitors.

SO, How do you increase your chances of winning?



Here’s the secret. If you follow up, you might be the only one who does.
Think about it. Would you choose a business who was disinterested at the quote stage? If they are slow in following up, then how responsive are they be when you’ve paid them to work for you?

A quote in the post is good. But it can work harder. Use a folder. A beautiful folder. It gives you gravitas. You’ll look impressive. Use the inside to sell your benefits. Why should they choose you? Fill with photos of other projects, awards or client reviews, to help you win the order.

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