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Picture the this scenario!

You are trying to win a new client.

You have caught their attention with your recent mailing or brochure. Or perhaps they have seen the poster on your shop window? Or perhaps you have met at that recent Networking event. 

So, what do they do next?

The most likely thing is that they will probably look you up on Google, or if they have your details, will call you. And hopefully, they will look at your website. Why? For more information. For assurance. And more importantly to decide if you’re a credible outfit.

Now the question is – Does the “online you” match the “offline you”?

According to Google, 76% of people visit a local business within 24 hours of searching on their mobile. 28% end up buying something.

Ask yourself these few questions. Does your website match your signage? Are there different generations of branding across your leaflets, your posters and your website? Do you have one branding, one colour scheme, or are they all different?

To a stranger, that’s confusing. And confusion is a sales blocker!

Be Clear
Be Clear

All roads lead to your website

It is very tempting to give equal weight to every product you sell, or service you provide. But don’t!

People will visit your website for a particular reason. And what you need to do is figure out what that reason is. Then you can make that the single biggest call-to-action on the relevant page. If they want something else, trust them to find it in your menu.

That reason changes too. On a Bank Holiday, why did they visit your website?  Was it to find out if you were open? You don’t want to make them hunt around for your postcode or opening hours – put these details where they are clear and where they will stick out. At Express Print, we build websites that you can edit yourself, so it is easy to make sure that such information is always up to date and relevant at any time.

We build websites which can do stuff. Like bookings and ecommerce. Why not request a copy of our Websites guide and let us quote you with a fixed price proposal to help your website perform for today’s visitors.


Your logo and brand are your visual shortcuts.

They need to help people remember you.

Be clear and be consistent!

The more powerful the memory the more magnification the effect.

Leaflets and Flyers

We are clearing out our stocks of lightweight 115gsm paper in February to make way for a whole new range.

Leaflets should always be a fundamental part of every marketing plan.

So, with 20% off in February and now with free delivery, what more could you ask for.

A5 Leaflet - Be Clear
Folded DL - Be Clear

Folded Leaflets

What is it that you want your prospective client to do next? Make sure your message is clear on all your price lists, low-cost mailers and brochures. 

Do you want them to order online? Or maybe book an appointment? Make it clear and tell them what you want them to do.

Remember to keep the message consistent on your website so that when they visit, the story is the same. Changing the message on your Leaflet – easy to change the message on your website.



Sometimes a story needs space to unfold.

Why not think about having a Booklet printed. It will give you more room to expand on what you do and who you are.

115gsm is 20% off in February – other paper types are available.

Look Book A4 - Be Clear
 BC - Be Clear

Business cards

You don’t need a lecture on how the quality of your Business Card can influence people’s perception of the quality of your business. You’ve heard it often enough.

Ask yourself “is it clear what you actually do”? You will be surprised how many Business Cards we see with just a business name.

Why not think about using the reverse to list your services. Make it clear. Or perhaps include an image of your bestselling product.

Our bestselling Business Cards are reduced in February – take a look now.

Ready to take the next step

Why not arrange a FREE CONSULTATION with our experienced staff. We can take a look at what your current marketing is and work on a plan to make things clearer for you to reach your prospective clients. Let’s discuss how to find a common voice and a consistent feel.

To convert browsers into buyers. To persuade passers by to buy. Mastering consistent marketing just needs a desire to be clear.

Websites Brochure - Be Clear
Photos by Aaron Burden and Bruce Mars.